How to Find Your Prince Charming

Each and every young girl dreams about finding their very own Prince Charming who will come on their white horse and sweep them off their feet and they will “live happily ever after.”

Date Prince Charming
Date Your very own Prince Charming’

However, in today’s grey and fast-paced world more and more woman find only frogs in the bog called the 21st century. Despite the dating obstacles of modern life when romance blooms and you start dating a new guy, a woman should experienced enough in the dating game that after some time to perfectly distinguish the Prince Charming from the frog.

There are of course a lot of frogs in the pond in any dating fairytale. These are some of the signs that indicate whether your date could be a magical Prince Charming or not.

  1. How he dresses. This claim may sound a little bit strange and weird, but trust me the way a man dresses tells very much about his personality.
    It is broadly accepted that a man is serious and reliable when he dresses according to the occasion.
    If he comes to a date with you dressed in a training suit and gym shoes, accept it this guy doesn’t take your relationship seriously therefore forget about him.
  2. If he is a true gentlemen. A man should always treat his girl right. Men who open the door for you and hold your hand, give you their coat when it’s cold are a rarity and they should be appreciated. In this case the real prince is one in a million do not let them go if you find such a man as old fashioned etiquette and good manners are hard to find these days. Being a gentlemen is a true sign that this prince has already gone far away from the bog of frogs.
  3. If he cares about you and your issues. When he talks about his problems and expects you to listen without asking in return how are you and how was your day, if you need any help or any support, then he is not the person with the high moral values he most probably claims to be.
    Keep in mind that a human being who doesn’t care if you are fine or not, and is concentrated only on his issues is far away from the castle. Remember, the real prince cannot be an egoist.
  4. His outlook. If you consider right his point of view and the way he looks on life, then he is a one step closer to being your prince. He may say things that reflect his moral values and wonderful attitude towards life, but don’t run with the flow give you relationship some time to sort things out. See if it isn’t just the frog trying to behave like a prince.
  5. How he treats people that don’t mean anything to him. Do not only consider the way your man treats you, this may be only a mask, a fake façade and behavior.
    Pay attention to how he treats people he doesn’t depends on and that are strangers to him. If he is loyal and good to them, then he is different from the rest of the frogs in the bog.
    Kiss him and he may turn out to be your loveable Prince Charming after all.

То what extent you are alike. You should not only differentiate the price and the frog, you should also recognize the right prince for you.

If you two are not at all similar people and there are no compatibility as far as your characters and outlooks on life are concerned, then nothing else is important.

A real relationship with proper longevity is based on trust and understanding hence if you are too different from each other, things are not likely to turn out well in the relationship.
Follow these dating tips to find your very own Prince Charming and leave the frogs in the pond.

Note  that in other languages, such as Spanish and Italian, Prince Charming is referred to as the “Blue Prince.” In Portuguese, a translation error occurred and he is called “Charmed Prince” however the same meaning applies to the ideal of the perfect charming gentleman. They are out there!



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