First Date Tips and the Five Phrases to Avoid

The 5 Phrases you Should Avoid if you Want Your First Date Not to be Your Only One

First Date Tips
‘Watch What You Say on a First Date’

Everyone has at a certain stage of their life gone through a very bad first date from which they have bitter memories and wish they could just forget about it.

However, although not every first date can be successful, there are some phrases that each and every one of us should avoid in order not to turn their first date into a failure.

Follow these first date tips on the conversation flow and don’t make the mistakes that others have made.

In other words follow these complete first date tips if you would like to look forward to a second date.

Never Ever Bring These Subjects into a Conversation During a First Date

To begin with, do not discuss your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, it is disrespectful. This does not mean that your date does not find your past relationships interesting but simply that there is a time and a place for such conversations. This is not it.

  1. “My ex is a total fool.”

Do not talk offensively about your ex boyfriend girlfriend as you must have liked them at one time. You will scare the pants off your date and put them off you because they will surely imagine themselves in the shoes of the person you are talking about. The best advice here is do not talk about your previous partners at all.

  1. “I am looking for a wealthy partner. Do you have a car and a house?”

Everybody wants to be secured but you will totally make a very bad impression if you talk about money on your very first date. Your date would think that you are materialistically orientated and would lose all the interest they have about you. There are superficial dating sites like for such dates, in which case this is fine but not if you meet conventionally.

  1. “You will totally love my 10 cats or dogs, they are so cute and adorable”

You are a pet lover, that’s nice and a good thing. However, you should not imply on your very first date that you are obsessed with your pets, or any hobby that you have.

Do not tell about your strange passions or addictions or you will leave a very bad impression on your date. Your quirky site and interests are all part of character and personality but best left until a later date.

  1. “You should meet my mother. Although she ruined 4 of the five of my previous relationships, deep down she is a really good person”

Do not talk about your mother if she is the typical monster as far as dates are concerned. You don’t want to scare the pants off your dates and put them off the desire to meet you any more so avoid discussing your folks especially if you have a creepy mother or an over-protective father. Your parents are not a matter that you should talk about on your first dates. No one wants to go anywhere near parents until much further down the line.

And last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, this is the icing on the cake:

  1. “What do you think about marriage and kids? I want so much to be a mother/father.”

Never ever dare say these words when you are on your first date with somebody because it will surely turn into a absolute nightmare. You will completely scare your date off and they will run for the hills.

Babies, marriage, honeymoons and such are absolutely forbidden topics, don’t you ever let them even cross your mind when you are on a sweet first date. To say such topics are premature and inappropriate is putting it mildly to say the least.

Keep Cool and Stay in Charge of Your Mouth

Don't put your foot in your mouth
‘Don’t put your foot in your mouth’

So these are the five phrases to be wary of; that you should not say at all on your first date if you don’t want your first date to be your last one.

Just stay cool and composed, be yourself and count to 10 before saying something stupid or unreasonable. Do not ruin your perfect date with foolish babbling because you never know if your current date won’t turn out to be your future partner in life.

Follow these first date tips and look forward to the second time you meet ( hopefully. )



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