What Makes the Perfect Partner?

Most probably you have already gone through many dates or failed relationships; you have seen many of your potential future partners but you feel that neither of them is the perfect one for you. Some of them are just too mysterious, others too complicated and difficult to read; still others just don’t share your outlook on life and aspirations for the future.

What Makes The Perfect Partner
‘What Makes The Perfect Partner’

Well, we are going to take a look at some positive and not so positive features of a persons character to understand what the ultimate partner for a human being new to the dating scene really is in order to understand what makes the perfect partner.

Perfect Partner Criteria

Generally speaking these are the character attributes in an individual that are most desirable when seeking to understand what makes the perfect partner.

Sense of humor. You all should agree that the person you share your life path with should have a strong sense of humor. If they couldn’t make you smile and laugh, then, I think that they are far away from being perfect.

Many would say: “Wait, this is not a positive feature of one’s personality!” But the truth is it is equally positive and negative. You may be sick and tired of your partner’s jealousy but imagine a day when he doesn’t care who you met during the day, what is that old friend you were talking on the phone with and so on. Doesn’t it feel wrong he not being interested at all. In many cases jealousy actually means care.

Outlook on life. It is very important that the perfect partner in life shares your outlook. If yours and theirs point of view on the world are perfectly different, then what you two are doing together?
You may want children, but they may want a career instead of babies. This is just an example, though. Sometimes love is not enough, you know.The perfect partner should be trust-worthy and loyal. If they lie or cheat on you, things are just not going to work out. Break up is waiting on your door and it would not knock; it would sooner or later come in uninvited.

Sense of responsibility. If your partner relies on everybody but himself, then you see that they are not the fully grown up person you wish they were. Stay away from people who don’t have the guts to take their life in their own hands and look after their future.

Respect and love you. Last but not least, the most important thing is that the perfect partner for your respects you and love you as you are. If there is love and understanding, nothing will be on your way.

Be Honest With Yourself

Something tells you that this is not the right person for you. However, have you ever asked yourself the question “What am I looking for? What is the perfect partner that has everything all of my ex relationships don’t?” We are all entitled to discover what makes the perfect partner.

In essence, these are the best features of a persons character everybody should seek in their partner’s personality. However, if this person makes you happy, forget about the rest.

As soon as someone makes you feel happy and desired, gives you support and understanding, nothing else is important.

The things I mentioned above are quite important but they are not applicable everywhere. Just trust your senses and follow your heart it knows the way better than you do.

Hopefully now you will have a better idea of what qualities to look for in a person and on a date and appreciate what makes the perfect partner.

For further reading take a look at http://www.psychologytoday.com which offers excellent insight into selecting partners and how we form relationships.



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