Review by SingleMe Dating Reviews Guide isn’t a bad dating site, it just isn’t a very good one either and there are far better dating services out there that deserve your hard earned cash; there are two stand out annoying aspects of this dating provider, namely these problems are: a ton of fake dating profiles, and we didn’t manage to arrange even a single online date or even take anyone for coffee and cake!

Fake accounts are found on every dating site. They’re part of the deal. We just didn’t expect the sheer volume of them when conducting the review. isn’t a bad dating site, it just isn't a very good one either and there are far better dating services out there that deserve your hard earned cash; there are two stand out annoying aspects of this dating provider, namely these problems are: a ton of fake dating profiles,… Review Score

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We think it’s because any member can send email to any other member; it doesn’t matter if either has a paid account or a free no subscription member profile. So read the review and then head over and see for yourself whether there is a spark here or not, we didn’t think so.

A word for the wise, it is a very good thing that we don’t link the dating sites we check out to real email accounts or social networking accounts that we use every day otherwise our inboxes would be creaking under the weight of the messages and  would be lost in the flood of phoney geetings and promotional drops from very unlikely sources. Suspect dating accounts are easy to spot if you have been using dating sites for while, even those created by real people have obvious signature give away signals; often overly attractive people with brief or missing biography data for example.

Dating and Relationship Tips

‘Real Profiles are Easy to Spot’

Single men and women who are actively looking for a date will take time to build their profile, read our tips on good dating profile building. You do this to gain and offer that genuine spark to a potential date, something that is not apparent anywhere at

The fact that we didn’t manage to arrange a date doesn’t bode well for and the prospect of romance on this particular U.S dating site is not particularly high. On favourable online dating platforms we look for strong consistent evidence that the matchmaking service consists of predominantly real people with pure genuine intentions; ( they really want to meet someone ) that’s one of our rating criteria for ranking a dating site as one of our top recommended sites that our readers should often use.

With, nothing seemed to result in a realistic meeting prospect  not even with the women we supposedly matched with the best single eligible men on the site. Men who normally would have had women flocking to them, i.e. half decent looking, affluent, good personality and interests and so on. review – Why You should Use This Dating Service

  • Lots of profiles to browse
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Technology

Probably because allows any member, free or paying, to send messages to other site members regardless of status we wound up with a lot of boiler plate canned responses. In other words copy and paste  junk messages with no warmth, interest or calculable intent in meeting up. When we looked at the profiles of the women who had initially emailed us with a message first, we saw that most of these dating profiles were clearly false.

Some Reasons to Move on and Try a Different Dating Web Site

  • Profiles are suspect
  • Arranging a date is too hard
  • There are better sites out there

Spark uses less well known but still famous actresses and photo models for the population of profile pictures, clearly the site operators do not realize that when something looks too good to be true, that is because it probably is. The profiles would be more convincing if they were pictures of average looking males and females as most of us sadly fall into this category of persona. More generally this is what normal looks like, supermodels don’t usually use dating sites, everyone else does! Review
‘ Review’

In our review we sent out over three hundred messages, all sent to other profiles that supposedly were active members of the dating service, we got eighty five responses. Unfortunately, about half of those eighty five responses were from suspect accounts, they were filled out, but still obviously not real. The other profile messages sent to us were closer matches than most sites give, but we didn’t end up setting up a date with any of them and normally a date would be arranged by now had this been Match or Eharmony.

While its true the spam messages do not seem to be auto bots or anything like that, it is not unknown for dating site companies to employ low cost workers to stir the pot and send messages to create the illusion that the site is buzzing with online singles when really its a lot quieter than that. That may or may not be happening here, also the homepage is seriously hard on the eyes at first glance and after.

Comparisions are Not Always Wise actually compares itself to the online dating competitor on their own web site  home page. This is kind of a strange thing to do, we don’t really feel this site can properly compete with Match or Eharmony for example, it is decidedly a second tier singles dating site, not to say it does not have purpose and a date will not be found. However wading through fake messages and the volume of suspect notification of activity on your profile is a chore and a bore.

Take a look at, sure but take the comments in our review firmly under your wing. Definitely check out in our review of their online dating services. You be the judge of which is actually the better dating site. Match gets our recommendation as the dating service for singles of choice who are hoping for a realistic chance of meeting someone worthwhile. Meanwhile as a dating service of choice needs in our opinion a little more, umm spark!




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