Top Spring Break Destinations for 2015

If you are considering a spring break this year then now is the time to research holiday destinations; perhaps to see if you can seek out a far flung vacation romance then travel conditions are ideal for going by these close and far flung, society rich areas.

In 2015 new visitor attractions, and some lastingly reasonable sights and travel experiences make these five spring break ideas perfect to think about for your travel agenda in the run up to the summer.

Spring Break Idea : Venice, Italy

Traveling to Venice in Italy is currently far more reasonable than at any other times of the year and hotel rates are down from the same period a year ago. Alongside the must experience gondola trip, going to the Piazza San Marco is an absolute travel necessity.Absorb the work of Venetian scholars, artists and visionaries; for example, Vittore Carpaccio, and Giorgione at Gallerie dell’accademia.

Spring Break Trip to Venice
‘A European Spring Break Trip to Visit Venice, Italy’

Spring Break Idea : The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea is becoming more and more popular with tourists each year and is a must visit 2015 sunny vacation destination. Kick back and enjoy some sand in your toes while you work on the all over body tan.

The Dominican Republic is a must see destination for Spring Sun
‘The Dominican Republic is a must see destination for Spring Sun’

The Dominican Republic is bursting with sprawling luxury hotels all competing to secure your hard earned travel dollars. The 5 star Majestic Colonial Beach Resort for example in the city of Punta Cana is shockingly reasonably priced, at about $200 for every night that you stay for a double room.

For a more provincial class of trip, best in class is Las Terrenas, a little known fishing port in the Samaná region of the Dominican Republic that offers weary travelers basic accommodation but all the considerable advantages of great beaches, coastline, restaurants and fantastic coastal location.

To absorb some of the local Dominican heritage and experiences be certain to visit the Los Haitises National Park, a secluded and private virgin backwoods known locally as Caño Hondo. Book a kayak for only $3 dollars and coast through mysterious tidal ponds and mangroves to catch a view of the untamed wildlife such as tan pelicans and the rare leather back turtles.

Both Venice in Italy and the Dominican Republic could not be further apart geographically but both vacation destinations represent a thoroughly enjoyable spring vacation idea that you won’t easily forget. Further more both places are well served by major airlines.



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