How to Buy Your Girlfriend Lingerie

If you are one of those men who have been dating a girl for a while and want to learn how to buy your girlfriend lingerie while also very keen to want to make her a wonderful surprise without messing it up you have just landed on the right article for this purpose.

how to buy your girlfriend lingerie
‘how to buy your girlfriend lingerie’

She would of course love huge stuffed Teddy bears, a big bunch of red roses with a card saying “To the most beautiful woman in the world”, or some new jewellery but what you probably don’t know is that buying your woman underwear is one of the best ways to keep the fire burning between the two of you, sex and physical intimacy is after all one of the most important ingredients in any lasting relationship.

However, you, as a representative of the male sex, are highly uncomfortable when it comes to shopping for seductive or erotic lingerie. It is not an easy task to be a man in a lingerie store, it can be embarrassing and intimidating if you do not know what you are doing especially if you are trying to buy something very very sexy. All you need is a giggling shop attendant to put you off your stride or other women staring at you especially if you are the only guy in the store, no guy needs or deserves that kind of unwanted humiliation.

In this article you will find some really valuable pieces of advice-using them you will feel absolutely confident when looking for underwear for your favorite girl.

To begin with, the main thing you should remember when you go to Victoria’s Secrets is that no one is going to think that you are some pervert only because you are shopping for lingerie. On the contrary, women will think: “I wish my husband bought me from time to time this kind of gifts and didn’t feel embarrassed in these stores, considering that they are “no-man lands” and men will think “What a nice idea for a gift!”

Avoiding Embarrassment When Purchasing Lingerie

When the fear of “what people would say” is gone, the problems in the store come. You go and you start swimming in a deep and endless sea of silk, satin, lace and cotton that threatens you to drown in it. You know what? The shop assistant won’t bite you at least you hope not, you can ask for her assistance and she will be more than happy to help you choose the lingerie that will suit best your girl.

On other occasions the shop staff can be the problem, if so leave as its not the store for you, when buying lingerie you need to be confident, a helpful assistant can instil that confidence, anything other than helpful is a pain in the ass and we don’t go there, you will never learn how to buy your girlfriend otherwise.

Personality Matters

Last but not least, think about the traits of her personality when choosing lingerie for your woman. Remember what she wears at bed now. Think about the fact that there is a very fine line between sexy and slutty. If she is a shy, more conservative and quiet then do not buy her something that reveals too much flesh if not she won’t feel confident, but embarrassed which will totally spoil the effect of the posh lingerie. If she is a tame kind of girl then a green lace shorts and a black corset will do the job. If she is seductive, provocative and wild you can choose red thong bikini and a matching bra. If she is one of the cute girly girls, don’t forget the pink color, the bows and the polka dots on the lingerie.

Get the Lingerie Sizes Right

Of great importance is to buy underwear that is her size. For this purpose you should check the size tags on her lingerie before you go shopping! Keep the receipt in case the underwear is not her size. If you are going to make a mistake on this one then make sure you get lingerie that is too big and not the opposite, particularly f your girlfriend is weight sensitive.

Making your special woman or lover happy is all in your hands and you have everything to play for. Always ask your self why are you buying the lingerie, is it for you, for her or for both of you? The perfect night for you two requires provocative lingerie, a bottle of red wine, some candles and a lot of passion.

There are plenty of lingerie stores online also if you prefer to take the risk and know what you need, for example Start with the first requirement now and make your woman appreciate you like never before. Soon you won’t need to learn to how to buy your girlfriend lingerie any more, you will be a master of seductive attire.




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