How to Deal With A Broken Heart

The crushing feelings delivered by a broken heart. We all know the feelings of hurt that this can bring. About a million emotional songs are written about it. A broken heart is a bitter thing, feelings full of empty sorrow and the loss of having your heart broken.

You go through some tough times when you are totally disengaged from regular life without any need for love and romance, you just wish you could just build around you an ivory tower and live in it alone bleakly with your ten cats or loyal pooch to keep you company.

how to deal with a broken heart
‘How to deal with a broken heart’

However, after some time this feeling of human isolation gradually fades. Here are some tips about how to deal with a broken heart in the easiest way possible.

Like many problems the solution is in the dealing with, these tips are a good place to start mending.

Broken Hearted Tip Number One: Don’t stay alone. The most important piece of advice when the problem is called “a broken heart” is not to lock yourself behind the four walls of your room. You should go out, meet your friends or new people, and distract yourself from your negative bitter thoughts. Friends are there for you when you most need them. Your friends they will do everything to keep you entertained so that you don’t feel so lost. The two pieces of your heart can be put back together and the key is distraction.

Broken Hearted Tip Number Two: Give yourself a treat. Even if you don’t want to see your friends and relatives, don’t stay alone and think because this way you can go through a terrible depression. For the women just go out. If you are on a diet then buy yourself a big chocolate with strawberries and a latte, go shopping, buy yourself a sexy black lace dress and red lipstick, have your hair cut. New hairstyle, new heart, you know. For the men head over to the gym; buy yourself a new book if you are book lover, run, drive to a certain destination you love, forget about the rest of the world.

Broken Hearted Tip Number Three: Try to entertain yourself. Here it is all a matter of choice and depend on each and every person likes. You can go to the disco or to a club if you love to dance, go to the cinema and watch a comedy (yes, a comedy!). You can go to a café with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and they will tell you about their issues and you will forget for a moment about your own.

Broken Hearted Tip Number Four: Go to some public place. It is not so important if you go somewhere with your friends or alone. The best way to repair your broken heart is to give it to someone else i.e. have it repaired. Find someone who is going to take care of it well. Give it to them else so that it doesn’t hurt any more. Find new love, start a new beginning. I know that when your heart is broken moving on is heart and the world is all black and white but you are the only one responsible for putting some color in it. Make an effort to forget about the loved one who broke it into two pieces.

Broken Hearted Tip Number Five: Remember who you are. Keep telling yourself that a broken heart doesn’t mean the end of the world. When you give but doesn’t receive love, then it is time to move on. It may be hurtful but it is possible so put all your emotions and efforts in the things that make you happy and sooner or later you will have a whole, fixed heart, ready to love and to be loved.

Listening to Broken Heart Music
Heartbeat by Don JohnsonListening to relevant music is one perfect last tip aside from the five tips on how to deal with a broken heart listed above. Sure there are the usual songs but here are some stranger ones.

Sometimes the musical lyrics in these song tracks are about dealing with a crushing breakup, sometimes the stress and anger;  the frustration and the not knowing.

Edge of a Broken Heart by Bon Jovi – This track is a left over cut left off the chart topping rock album Slippery When Wet and goes all the way back to 1986. A song very much about being on the umm edge..

Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus – Kind of takes the emotional roller coaster of a broken heart and injects a bit of well needed musical humor.

Heartbeat by Don Johnson – Yes the guy we all know from Miami Vice also had a hit album and you will find this track more recently on the video game GTA V.

Unusual choice of heart break music perhaps, no predictable modern day acts such as One Direction, Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus here ( ok well maybe her Dad. ) If these three tracks do not raise a smile then there are plenty more songs out there that will.

Look past the old musical cheese and these three tracks are a good uplifting way to get back on your emotional feet and they may just help in how to deal with a broken heart.

Try Dating Again
Lastly the time will come to look for the right partner in life. For some people this comes early or in the form of a rebound.
Dating once again, for example at can be a good tonic and is another way to deal with a broken heart but it is not for everyone when undertaken too soon after a relationship has previously ended.

Further Advice on Coping With a Broken Heart
There are many other articles around the web that deal with this tender love issue, in particular the Daily Mail has a good tips page on how to cope with the stress of a broken heart and this is worth further reading.



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