Lets Just Be Friends

It is that sinking break up line you hear on television soaps or reality programmes, the death knell of the relationship. Hey I have been thinking ‘lets just be friends.’ You have been together for a couple of months, perhaps half a year, or even three years but both of you feel that things are not going to work out for you two.

You have already got used with each other, you love each other in some way but just… the old spark and excitement just isn’t there any more. You know that feeling, don’t you?

It is scary to leave your comfort zone but I think that in such situations the best piece of advice is: it is time for moving on. Anyway, the big question here is: After the break up can you, as ex-lovers, still be friends? The answer is… yes of course you can!

You Can be Friends in Certain Situations Only

Well, it is so only in some situations. If a relationship has an awkward ending-if it ends with a fight, then you and your ex-partner are everything but friends. Imagine ending a relationship with a message containing the following line: I don’t want to hear from you any more. I am sorry for the time I spent with you, you were one huge mistake! Bitter, isn’t it. In this situation I think that it is best to move on and keep the memories from the times that you and he or she were happy together.

However, if it is the case that I mentioned in the beginning, then it is totally okay if you two stay friends. In such situations, when you just stop feeling the sweet electricity between you, you break up, but the love and caring is still there.

In my opinion, the best and long-lasting friendships are the ones you make with an ex lover of yours. You know everything about each other, you speak with no words, you know each other so well and only you know how to help them and give them support at certain stages of their life.

Friends Exact Care and Respect for One Another

Lets Just Be Friends
‘Lets Just Be Friends but Can You be Friends?’

Nothing is more precious than a person who knows you so well and cares about you and respects you. Even if the spark between you is not there any more, you can enjoy each other’s company and talk about everything.

And last but not least, you should be friends with your ex because life is complicated and so is love You never know as a simple kiss on the cheek may lead to much more. A drink or two at the bar with him can make you sexually attracted to them again.

A hug from an old friend can give you back the passion. It may turn out that you two just needed a break from the relationship you had had. That you just needed some distance between each other so that you can successfully sort your things out.

So it is definitely the case that when a partner says ‘ lets just be friends’  I can say that it is possible and absolutely normal to be friends with your ex lover.

An ex partner is such a life time treasure. They know all of your little secrets, they know you better than you do, they can make you smile when you feel like crying.

Keep them in your life and remember that… you never know what the destiny has planned for you. There are lots of resources on what to do when you hear these lets be friends words, for example. So lets just be friends.




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