It is Never too Late to Give and Receive Love

Never too Late to Fall in Love
‘Never too Late to Fall in Love’

She has been through many relationships through her life, she has experienced four divorces, she has got three children but they are all away studying or working abroad. Now she is alone, living with her seven cats that prevent her from feeling lonely but this is not enough.

Her children send her money regularly so that she can have everything she wants, the material things in life but she doesn’t feel fine. She feels empty and doesn’t like the solitude but now is fifty two years of age.

This is far too old to start all over again and try one more time to have a proper relationship. Is it really too late to love again? Surely it It is never too late to give and receive love.

If they want, a person is able to find a million reasons to judge you about. But if you listen to the silly piece of advice somebody has given you, then you shouldn’t blame anybody but yourself because you are the one responsible for providing a happy life for yourself.

It is Never too Late to Find Happiness

Don’t let people tell you that your song has already been sung, your book already written and that you will never receive a chance to love and be loved again in life.

On the contrary, love, you know, is a basis of living. To keep a proper relationship requires you to be smart and reasonable.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How many relationships that started at the age of sixteen, let’s say, have remained for years? Almost none is the right answer. Young people are wild and unreasonable; they don’t appreciate love to the fullest and don’t consider the possible consequences.

The Older you Get the Wiser you Become

However, if you have already experienced many things and have gone through the unforgiving hands of fate, then you know how to appreciate, how to love, how to keep.

You know that when something gets broken, you don’t throw it away, but your stick its pieces with glue until it is whole again. The same is with love. The older you get, the wiser you become, you know.

Unfortunately nowadays everybody tries to imply that love is a privilege of the young. However, don’t make the foolish mistake to believe myths and stereotypes.

Modern society tells you that you are too old but the main issue is what do YOU think? Do you think that you are too old for the wonderful feeling of love and affection?

Well, if you think so, then you deserve the way your life is now, because it’s you who have structured it so.

Time is Always on Your Side

For sure I can say that it is never too late to give and receive love. A human being is not meant to live alone, in isolation and unhappy.

A partner in life to share the good and the bad moments is a compulsory element of every persons quality of  life. No matter if you are 15, 28, 45 or 60-love doesn’t ask why, you know.

If you can’t meet someone conventionally ie socially then there are plenty of online dating services to choose from

It just comes into your life, just let it in your hearth and soul and cherish it like an old friend. Love means support and help, forgiveness and care, trust and respect. It is never too late to love and be loved.



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