What kind of girl are you, whether you are the brassy and confident type or a classy and demure stylish young woman; if you are out looking for a new man there are seven sexy wardrobe essentials to attract the right man in a way that will always ensure that you are wholly the center of attention.

Sexy Wardrobe Essentials to Attract a Man
‘Sexy Wardrobe Essentials to Attract a Man’

Every single girl should possess some powerful fashion accessories in her wardrobe that are essential for social events and high stakes dating. Whatever the weather out side, it is imperative that the choice of clothes stays the course and is fit for purpose. As it is not possible to go shopping every change of season; it is always good to keep certain wardrobe essential clothes handy to deal with the social challenges that you may encounter whilst on the dating scene.

Here are the seven essential fashion accessories that every girl must have in her wardrobe to keep a guys attention fully focussed so his mind and eyes are only headed in one direction.

Fashion Boots: Be it a pair of high boots, over the knee boots or similar, leather or suede is always a good bet. If you have slender long legs consider wearing over tight jeans or with wet look leggings, some guys like the erotic but in a healthy way so play on this, you can usually tell by following their gaze.

The LBS or Little Black dress: A LBD or little black party dress is a wardrobe essential and can look good at any age, black is a very versatile color and multi purpose, you won’t look of place at a trendy restaurant or in a night club and is an essential weapon to attract a man.

Most fashion accessories will work well with a LBD such as purses, subtle jewellery and clutch bags. You can pair a black dress with a wide combination of sexy heels or boots.

A Black Leather Mini Skirt: This is not for everyone, many years ago the leather mini had an unhealthy association with street walkers and ladies of the night, hence it could be a little taboo for some people.

These days it is very much in fashion among younger women; certainly a shade erotic and looks great when coupled with a metallic belt or similar. You do need the legs to pull this look off without looking silly and consider where it is you are going.

A leather mini skirt makes for great bar or club wear but perhaps is not ideal for high end dining or hotels. But hey if you are confident it is a dynamite look so who cares, your man won’t.

The Clutch Bag: Clutch bags are discreet but incredibly classy, normally you can fit an evenings essentials inside, credit card, hair brush, lip gloss and touch ups for your make up and some cash, that is if your date isn’t paying.

Hauling around a great big heavy hand bag even if it is from Prada is simply a drag and so much harder to match with the rest of your outfit. Clutch bags are definitely the way to go and suit all sorts of occasion and type of date.

Scarves and faux fur: Some times a fashion scarf or a faux fur jacket can perfectly compliment your dress and keep your neck and exposed flesh warm in the cold wind, particularly in the cold months there are lots of combination looks to try out this particular style.

Mainly you can keep warm without the need to drag a heavy coat around wherever you go. Make sure the fur is fake though as we don’t like to hurt the cute furry animals.

Killer Heels: They may not be made for walking over rough terrain but most guys will drop their jaw at the perfect pair of sexy heels when combined with your dress or leather mini skirt.

Really high heels can be dangerous so take some practice but will always add that element of sexy allure to your main outfit.

Wet Look Leggings: This particular look calls for a slender pair of long legs so beware your body shape, therefore you can either look stunning or expressly silly, if your legs are average thenĀ  get a second opinion but lots of guys love this look and they will be putty in your hands if you get the style just right. With wet look leggings you can’t fail to bag your man.

These seven sexy wardrobe essentials to attract a man will also make you look stylish and chic and keep the attention on you. Use clothing to your advantage and strike the right balance between edgy and classy and not too tacky and brassy.

Dress for your body shape and as much as you may long for it resist wearing something that is unsuitable for your shape and appearance.

Some styles of clothing do need a particular body shape to carry it off so know when something suits you or not and if not be prepared to try something else instead to attract your man.